DMF Recuperation

The DMF-laden air stream, coming from our PU Leather coating line, enters into the multi-stage absorption section, where it is counter currently washed by the scrubbing water. The depurated air is then discharged to the atmosphere from the stack placed on top of the scrubber itself. The DMF aqueous solution is recovered in the bottom of the scrubber and is transferred to storage when the DMF concentration reaches a level of 22 – 27%. With this system we can recover up to 99.6% of the DMF used in our production process.

Filtration of plasticisers

To clean the air coming from our PVC Leather coating line we use a purpose built filtration plant. This plant exists of two filtering units and one cooling unit. The process air is first filtered to extract the bigger particles in the air. Before entering the second filtering unit the process air is cooled down to 30°C to enhance condensation. The special mist eliminators in the second filtering unit have a collection efficiency of 99.5% and are able to filter particles smaller than 1 micron. The collected particles form a liquid that is drained off in IBC containers and is send off to be recycled.


In order to protect the earth and minimize discharge of polluted air Plastibert NV also has an incinerator. This plant uses heat to burn different particles in the process air coming from our production plants. The incinerator consists of three chambers, two of which have a light oil-burner to reach a temperature of 800 – 850°C. When the plant has reached this temperature it works auto thermal by retrieving heat from the incineration of the process air. The harmful particles in the process air are burned and discharged in the form of non-harmful gases.