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General info

With over 30 years' experience on this market, Cotting is the main supplier of the automotive sector in Europe and is constantly consolidating its position on ever-developing markets.

Cotting has implemented a strategy based on cooperation with Brazilian and Chinese manufacturers to benefit from global sourcing.

Cotting is now the European specialist for coated fabrics usable in several applications like door panels, seats, dashboards… Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, Cotting is in a position to manufacture products for thermo-compression, in situ foaming and other applications.

automotive Products

Drawing on its leading-edge technology and R&D, Cotting is constantly developing its range of automotive products.

Cotting offers a wide range of coating products meeting the most stringent high-tech requirements, geared around three product families:

  • FORMURA: expanded heat-deformable PVC for thermo-sheathing & polyurethane foaming
  • WOODFORM: bi-elastic coated fabric for thermo-compression and low-pressure moulding
  • TEP: PVC foil with textile backing for seats

  • Cotting also offers a range of PU foils with textile backing for seats as well as dashboards, door panels and other applications.

    These PU foils are available with athletic, hi-tech and exec-style effects, and can be used for sheathing or for low-pressure moulding. They are an alternative to leather and other luxury materials with a greater eco-footprint as well as better mechanical performance.

    Here you can see an overview of our automotive department.